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Restoring the balance of natural self immunity

The future of Antigenic Immune Modulation

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OBN Awards 2022

UK BAA Finalist

British Business Bank Future Fund

Preclinical study

Completed and results show improved blood sugars in the treatment group. Now available to our investors with clinical details on the desired tissue, metabolic and clinical response.

Appointment of Dr. Annalisa Jenkins as NEC Chair

Annalisa brings with her decades of experience in the pharma sector and we look forward to a wonderful working relationship.

Manufacturing optimization

Our cGMP drug manufacture is now streamlined and optimised. For further details, please contact us.

Therapeutic areas: 4
Phase 1 ready therapy assets: 2
Phase 1 ready diagnostic asset: 1
Discovery asset:1
Money raised: 2.4M

Our Mission

Phaim is dedicated to developing curative treatments for auto-immune diseases. The company is developing a range of novel therapeutic innovations including an exciting new therapy to treat and prevent diabetes and a predictive kit for first-degree relatives. Our long-term goal is the broadening of our platform approach to other autoimmune diseases through our active R & D programme.

Ethical Investing

We are committed to ensuring that there will be equitable access to all our innovations and products globally. This will be achieved through close association with our sister charitable foundation: DiamEND Foundation

FDA/ EMA regulatory approval

Now undergoing preparation for FDA/EMA regulatory approval.

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Preclinical study completed with excellent safety and efficacy results.