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Management Team

President, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Tihamer Orban


Dr Tihamer Orban MD MRCPCH is a world-leader in the field of the immunological mechanisms underlying T1DM. His medical degree and board certification in Paediatrics were from the medical school of Szent-Gyorgyi Albert University, Hungary. He worked at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard from 1993 to 2011. His career as a Translational Clinical Investigator has been devoted to the research, discovery and clinical evaluation of novel therapies for T1DM. He was previously Principal Investigator at three major US nationwide networks dedicated to ameliorate autoimmunity including T1DM (TrialNet, Immune Tolerance Network and Autoimmune Centre of Excellence at Harvard, all funded by National Health Institute of USA). He was the Chairman of the Safety Monitoring Committee of the TrialNet for many years overseeing safety of several multicentre clinical trials. Whilst at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, USA, he ran several clinical trials, and was instrumental in designing and executing them. He initiated and chaired a phase 2 multicentre clinical trial using abatacept in T1DM patients. The results were published in The Lancet, with a joint commentary titled "New hope for immune therapy in Type 1 diabetes".

Dr Tihamer Orban is the President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Company. He is responsible for overseeing and guiding the management and governance of the Company. He provides visionary and strategic leadership to ensure that the company is progressing in accordance with its missions. As Chief Scientific Officer, he also has special responsibility for managing the scientific development of the AIM therapy and leading on future research and development.

Executive Deputy Chairman, Co-Founder

Professor Piers Daubeney


Professor Piers Daubeney MA DM FRCP FRCPCH DCH trained in medicine at Oxford University and St Thomas' Hospital gaining Honours in Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology. He specialised as a paediatric cardiologist working at the Royal Brompton Hospital and is Professor of Practice (paediatric cardiology) at Imperial College. He has written more than 50 scientific papers and edited 2 books. He jointly founded and is also CEO of The Congenital and Children's Heart Centre ( providing private medical and surgical care to children and adults with congenital heart disease with large national and international referral base.

His expertise lies in the development of new drugs that promote child health and he has extensive experience of large multicentre drug studies. He is a member of the UK Medicines for Children Clinical Research Network and previously the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Dr Piers Daubeney is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company and is responsible for the day to day running of the Company as well as future business development and strategy.

Chief Executive Officer, Company Secretary, Co-Founder

Dr. Nara Daubeney


Dr Nara Daubeney PhD, MBBS MEd (Surg) DIC MRCS(Eng) DLO is an adult and paediatric ENT surgeon by training, and honorary senior clinical lecturer at Barts NHS trust and Queen Mary University London. She qualified at Imperial College and Charing Cross Hospital and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons. She is passionate about research, innovation and entrepreneurship, having studied for a PhD at Imperial College and has considerable expertise in immunity. She jointly founded Phaim Pharma with a singular aim of providing potentially curative treatments and early, pre-disease state diagnostics for autoimmune disease.

Dr Nara Daubeney is the Chief Operating Officer of the Company and is responsible for the regulatory, tax, compliance, communication and accounting aspects of the Company.

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Founding Member

Co-Founder and previous CMO

Dr. Heyam Jalahej


Dr Heyam Jalahej MD is a Board Certified Paediatrician and Surgeon, and completed her medical training at Szent-Gyorgyi Albert University, Hungary. She brings significant expertise in Ethics and Clinical Compliance, and trial design. From 2001 to 2011 she worked with the Type 1 diabetes research team at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard, where she successfully brought to completion several multiple complex phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials in the field of diabetes. Her expertise in pre-clinical and translational clinical research programmes and their coordination played a key role in developing a novel AIM therapy for T1DM. She shepherded the approval process from concept through FDA investigational drug approval to the successful completion of the Phase 1 clinical trial.

Dr. Jalahej retired in July 2023 and we are enormously grateful for her wisdom and guidance from our journey's start.