Phaim Phaim

Therapeutic market
for Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM)

Type 1 diabetes accounts for about 10-15% of all diabetes cases and is the main form of the disease in younger age groups in most developed countries. Its incidence varies by geography between over 24 cases/ 100,000 of the population under 14 in countries such as the US, UK, Northern Europe and Australia and 8-14 cases in the rest of Europe. It is a significant contributor to global healthcare costs, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimated that the cost of treating and preventing diabetes and its consequences in 2010 was $345bn (IDF 2009).

The short and longterm health care costs associated with Type 1 diabetes were estimated to be $14.4 billion annually in 2010 in the USA alone. Any reduction in incidence, or even the severity of the disease, will result in a huge reduction in healthcare costs. By eliminating the disease, $433.5 billion of costs may be avoided in USA.

In 2016 UK spent £1.9 billion on T1DM.

We estimate that the prevalence of Type 1 diabetes will rise from just over 3.1m in 2015 to over 3.5m in 2025 in the USA alone. No detailed market/ pricing studies have been undertaken at this point, but the Company expects the market opportunity for its Antigenic Immune Modulator (AIM) therapeutic drug, DMX4001 could be in excess of $1 billion.

DMX4001 drug, our novel diabetes specific AIM treatment for juvenile diabetes will be applicable in the preventative setting as well as in treatment of diabetic patients. DMX4001 is expected to shield stem cell/ beta cell replacements from immune destruction thus facilitating their success in established diabetics.